Hello, and welcome to my website.brandibakewell

My name is Brandi Bakewell and I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

I provide psychotherapy for individuals, families, children and adolescents.

I have been heavily influenced as a therapist by the field of positive psychology. Positive psychology places emphasis on the strengths and resiliency within individuals instead of focusing on pathology and disease. My approach to therapy initiates from the standpoint that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to a treatment plan. I am aware that our society is often quick to use labels and categories that can be limiting to an individual, and a possible impediment to achieving his or her potential. My theoretical orientation is heavily influenced by Gestalt theory and a humanistic approach which emphasizes the importance of the “here and now” while also taking into account each clients’ uniqueness.

My focus as a therapist is to help each client to achieve his or her goals. If you’re feeling “stuck” in your life and unsure of how to make a change then therapy may be a good place to start. If anxiety, depression or just a general feeling of discontentment is pervasive in your life then just know that you’re not alone and therapy may possibly be the catalyst for change in your life. I’m willing to work with you on setting and achieving your goals.

Please call me today for a free 20-minute phone consultation or to set up an appointment. I look forward to working with you.

Brandi Camille Bakewell, LMFT, M.S. Ed., PPS School Counseling
566 S. San Vicente Blvd., Suite 203 south
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 617-3068